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Experienced and dedicated, Van Riper Nies trial attorneys are committed to protecting your rights.

Our attorneys, Christian Van Riper and Tim Nies are experienced trial attorneys. Christian is a former prosecuting attorney for the State of Florida. From his years as a state attorney, Christian has a unique insight into how prosecutors evaluate cases. Our attorney, Tim Nies,  is a U.S. Army Veteran, having served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, and a former insurance defense trial attorney where he litigated complex injury cases.

Our lawyers are known for the personal attention we give to our clients, and for leaving no stone unturned in our client's defense.  Wouldn't it be comforting to know that you have hired an attorney that genuinely cares about you and your family, and will work hard to make sure that you, or your loved one's legal and constitutional rights are being fought for when defending a homicide charge?

To defend against charges of murder or manslaughter, along with the possibility that the State Attorney or District Attorney will seek the death penalty, requires teamwork of proactive investigators, paralegals and attorneys devoting themselves to the case.  We are known for leaving no stone unturned.  When called for, we will diligently work to convince the law enforcement authorities to drop and dismiss cases, or lessen charges, at their inception, before our clients freedom is at stake.  When homicide cases do go forward, our criminal defense teams will seek every possible defense under Florida Law and the U.S. Constitution so that we may tenaciously defend our clients and our clients' families who are relying on us. 

In Florida, Murder is defined as the intentional, unlawful killing of another. According to Florida Law, this charge is further broken down into two separate charges: 1st Degree Murder and 2nd Degree Murder. First Degree Murder involves causing the unlawful death of another, when premeditated, or planned, and committed with malice aforethought. Causing the death of a person during the commission of a felony is also 1st Degree Murder (Felony Murder). 1st Degree Murder may be punishable by death or life in prison. Second Degree Murder is not as serious as a First Degree Murder charge and involves an unlawful death caused by an act, which shows an extreme disregard for human life rather than malice aforethought. 2nd Degree Murder may be punishable by up to 30 years in a Florida prison.

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